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Shadow's Temptation

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Check out this video of a huge wall featuring Shadow and friends.

Watch the newest video from Tribal sponsored Latino rap group Cartel de Santa with El Coco Rapado. Their new album drops tomorrow on iTunes. Get the Mouse Chicks tee worn in the video, available in black or white.

The new Tribal Documentary "Beyond the Four" is a two DVD set featuring over two and a half hours of interviews, commentary and amazing content celebrating the last 20 years of the Tribal Lifestyle. Now available at select retailers and online, and includes a surprise special offer redeemable at the online store.

Here's where to get the DVD set:

AEC One Stop Group


J&R Music World

Newbury Comics

DVD Empire/Richt Assoc.

Follett Library

Salzers Records

The Disc Exchange
  Koch Ent.

Amoeba Music

Rasputin Music

Dimple Records

Blockbuster Online

Edge Entertainment Dist.

VPD, Inc.

Super D

Here's a trailer for the latest rumored film by Robert Rodriguez, starring our friend Danny Trejo. This trailer was originally shown during the Grindhouse double feature and now gets an update courtesy of the recent Arizona Immigration Controversy.

Big B Portrait

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Continue reading for tour dates after the jump.


Some more photos of amazing cars by Bobby Tribal. This is gallery 3 of 5, Check back soon for gallery 4.

Maestro Knows - Episode 7 (Estevan Oriol & Geoff Rowley) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

(reposted from In this episode check out Maestro & Mr. Oriol as they take to downtown Los Angeles to visit Patrick Martinez, shoot for Nylon Mexico, and later Estevan meets Geoff Rowley to make for the first episode of Maestro Knows headlining two of Levi's friends. Enjoy this classic material!

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