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The Art of Haroshi

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Our friends at The C/S Project sat down with tattoo artist Ivano Natale of Goodfellas Tattoo to discuss his influences and inspirations.


New York City-based artist and designer Eric Haze headed west to Los Angeles as part of the continued outpouring of condolences and visual homages for Adam Yauch - perhaps better known by his emcee moniker MCA. Located on Santa Monica and Vine, the billboard dubbed "NAMASTE'" is simple and direct - capturing Yauch's spiritual nature as well as pointing out a life that was cut way too short. In Haze's own words, "I was grateful to be given such a public forum to properly celebrate the life of my friend and collaborator Adam Yauch, and hope that these memorials will reverberate among the community that continues to mourn his passing." source: hypebeast

Steelo Elements Benefit

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We were fortunate enough to be a part of the Cruisin' Califas: The Art of Lowriding show that is going on now through September 30, 2012. The show features cars and art from Mister Cartoon, MIke Pickel, Teen Angel, Estevan Oriol, our own Bobby Tribal and a world class list of others. We attended the preview reception that showcased a show in itself out front with a host of lowriders and bikes. Be sure to check out the exhibit, guest curated by Carlos and David de Baca, before it ends. For more information on the event go to the Oceanside Museum of Art. More pics after the jump.


Even at 47-years-old, Steve Caballero shows that age is truly nothing but a number. Filmed during a sleepy Sunday, Cab took to the skull bowl at Lake Cunningham skatepark in San Jose, CA for a day of shredding as documented by Jason Haley. Set to Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters," the appropriately titled tuned is the perfect aural landscape for Caballero to complete an impressive array of tricks. Source: mashKULTURE


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