Peep The Techniques – Tribal Archives VHS – 1995

By November 28, 2014 video

Long before the internet, youtube, instagram, Facebook etc. The only
way to experience the True diversity of The Southern California Lifestyle was through
the Tribal VHS Video Releases or By Living within it.

In the Mid nineties we Showed the World through these videos who Tribal Was, what we represented
and how we lived our lives.

The Music, Tattoos, Lowriders, The 4 Elements of hip-hop and beyond that were not seen on television
in there true form and very rarely featured in Commercials. This is what made these videos so sought after and shared by so many.

There was a genuine underground back then and this was a product of it.

We are proud to Re-Release this series of videos for your viewing Pleasure.

Bobby Ruiz